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Coax Predators Out With Predator Game Calls

From coyotes to bobcats to foxes and beyond, predator hunting calls emulate the sounds of rabbits, jackrabbits, birds, coyote pups, owls and other animals to attract predators. Depending on your hunting preferences, you can lure in predators with distress calls, squeaking mouse sounds, yips, barks, howls and much, much more. As you peruse our selection of predator game calls, take note that calls can be for close distance, long ranges or both, so you can find the ideal call for any hunting situation. Check out the complete assortment of game calls on to ensure that you're ready for hunting season no matter what type of game you're pursuing.

Choose From Electronic And Manual Predator Calls

Predator hunting calls are available in a full range of styles to suit how you hunt. Compact electronic predator game calls attract game at the press of a button, and many include hook-and-loop closures for easy attachment to a firearm or crossbow. Other electronic predator calls come with a large assortment of preloaded sounds, amplified speakers and a remote, so you can operate the device from a distance. For easy portability, seek manual hunting calls. Select styles require you to squeeze one end to produce natural sounds, while others feature hands-free designs that are operated via mouth air pressure.