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Wide Array Of Bowfishing Gear

Bowfishing gear comes in a wide variety of functions. The most common piece of bowfishing equipment that virtually every hunter will want is a reel, which is used to retrieve your arrow after you take a shot. Be sure to select a left-handed design if you're a southpaw. Another very common piece of bowfishing equipment is an arrow rest, which is designed to provide added stability for your arrow as you take aim. Check out our bowfishing bows as well as an array of bowfishing arrows to expand your kit.

More Bowfishing Accessories

Many bowfishers choose to hunt at night, when certain species of fish are more active. Bowfishing accessories that provide added visibility are a great way to help spot your target more reliably. Look for lighted nocks that help ensure your arrow is seated properly before you shoot, and bowfishing flashlights that are designed to be mounted directly onto a bow are an easy way to shine light exactly where you need it most. A laser sight can be another way to sharpen your aim in low-visibility conditions, while a glow-in-the-dark kit can help keep your accessories clearly visible at night. Our Fishing Shop has a wide array of accessories that are designed to help make sure your next trip to the water is a successful one.