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Preview Your Footage With A Memory Card Reader

Capturing photos and videos of wildlife is simple with the right trail cameras. They generally mount to a tree or another discreet location and often offer 24/7 monitoring without spooking game. But how can you be sure it's properly capturing the footage you're looking for? Grab a memory card reader to preview the recordings while you're in the area. A portable SD card viewer can help make trips deep into the woods that much more productive. Look for rugged designs with grippy housings that can withstand the elements and compact models that are light and easy to carry into the wild with your hunting equipment, shooting gear and other game camera accessories.

Grab An SD Card Reader For Hunting Game

Check out the footage on your game camera without bringing along a cumbersome laptop. There are two types of card readers: image-viewer models with built-in screens and screen-free card readers that turn your phone or tablet in to a photo/video viewer. A memory card reader with a touchscreen lets you touch, tap and swipe through images and photos and often offers simple navigational buttons, including a delete button that makes it easy to trash the footage you don't want on the spot. Many SD card viewers also accept microSD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC and other types of memory cards of varying sizes, so make sure the reader you select is compatible with the memory cards you use in your camera.