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Crawfish Cookers for Sale at Affordable Prices

A tasty crawfish boil starts with the right crawfish boiler. Whether you're whipping up crawfish for a small family gathering or getting ready to host your entire town for dinner, you can find the best crawfish cooker for your needs online at Academy. We offer a variety of crawfish cooker configurations so you can find the right setup for your specific boil.

  • Standalone burners and boilers come ready to connect to propane. Standalone cookers are a good choice if you already own a crawfish cooking pot, you want to choose your own pot to purchase separately, or you plan to use different pots with the same cooker.
  • Crawfish boiler kits and kegs include a crawfish pot, strainer and burner. Kits are an excellent choice if you don't have any of the essential supplies and want a simple, economical way to get everything you need to cook crawfish outdoors.
  • Built-in crawfish cookers are designed specifically for mudbugs. They feature easy drainage and mobility features and don't require a separate pot to use. These crawfish boilers are ideal if you cook crawfish regularly or want an easy way to serve large crowds quickly

Find the Best Crawfish Cooker for Your Needs

To choose the right crawfish cooker for you, consider the amount of food you plan to prepare, how often you intend to boil, and whether you want to use your equipment to cook other kinds of foods, too. Before buying a built-in crawfish cooker or kit, divide the quart capacity in half to determine whether it can handle the amount of crawfish you plan to cook. An 80-quart cooker, for example, can boil up to 40 pounds of crawfish.

Use the convenient drop-down menu on your left to browse our crawfish cookers by brand or price, or expand the rating menu option to see what models our current customers love most. Explore the quality selection of affordable crawfish cookers for sale online at Academy today.

Want more crawfish boil ideas? Check out our e-book How to Host a Crawfish Boil for step-by-step guidance and safety tips from your friends at Academy Sports.