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Terminal Tackle For A Successful Fishing Trip

Whether you're a casual angler or a fishing fanatic, terminal tackle plays a key role in your fishing performance, and offers an extensive selection of must-have fishing tackle to help you ensure a successful day on the water. Start by choosing hooks that suit your fishing style - choices range from basic single hooks to treble hooks and beyond. Prefer a little extra weight to help your bait dive? Brightly colored jigheads might be an even better choice. And if you're looking to create a rig that's sure to catch the attention of local fish, be sure to work high-quality spinner blades into the mix.

Perfect Your Technique With Floats And Weights

The discerning angler knows exactly when to use fishing floats, known as bobbers, and fishing weights, commonly referred to as sinkers. Bobbers prove especially useful when you're trying to present your bait to a ravenous fish at a precise depth, and they work by keeping part of your line afloat. Sinkers, on the other hand, allow your bait to plunge even deeper in order to reach fish that reside primarily at the bottom of the water you're fishing. Each is available in a wide variety of configurations in order to cater to your unique fishing style. Dig deeper into's selection of fishing gear to find even more must-have fishing tackle, like bait rigs and leader material.