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Terminal Tackle

Fishing Hooks

Hooks are a variation of terminal tackle that serves the purpose of catching the fish. The hook hides within the bait so that when the fish latch on to what they think is food they are instantly caught by the hook.

Fishing Weights

Different fish swim at different depth. Make sure you bait has reached the appropriate depth of the fish you are looking to catch by using the weights on your line. The heaviness of the weight allows your bait to sink deeper into the water.

Fishing Floats

Floats allow your bait to reach areas that are out of your casting range. The floats carry the bait to additional areas increasing your chances of catching a fish.

Fishing Swivel

Never get a tangle in your line again using a swivel. The swivel allows the line to untwist during the retrieval, preventing any tangling.

Fishing Leader

Many saltwater fish are equipped with sharper teeth that can easily cut your line. Fishing leaders are a thicker material is attached to your line near the hook to ensure there isn’t any line breakage.