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Keep Live Bait At The Ready

Reel in hungry biters using live bait from your aerators and bait keepers that your target catch is sure to find delicious. Great for most anglers, watertight bait keeper buckets or trolling buckets make excellent containers for storing freshly caught bait. Bait buckets with aeration holes or netting along the sides help keep minnows, shad, grasshoppers, crayfish, crickets and other critters alive and well while you fish, and those with floating designs help ensure they won't sink to the bottom of the lake. If you often fish with earthworms, some bait keepers self-regulate the internal temperature and provide multiple access areas, so you can quickly and easily locate a crawler for your hook.

Lure In Fish With Delicious Chum

Great for trolling and fishing for larger species, chumming slick helps attract fish to your boat. While some fishermen prefer to make their own, readymade chum can be purchased for saltwater and freshwater environments. Many brands don't need to be refrigerated, so it's easy to keep fresh inside fishing bait keepers between trips. Grab a bag or chum bucket that will keep your custom mix contained on deck or in the water.

Live Bait Additives

Fish just can't resist the wiggling motion of real bait, and you can be sure the bait you've collected is alive and well inside your fishing bait keepers and bait keeper buckets with a little help. You can add electrolytes and oxygen to your live bait tank, remove harmful ammonia, chlorine and heavy metals and even help heal hook wounds and restore slime coatings with specially designed holding formulas. Some even boast calming effects to help prevent fish from injuring themselves while contained.