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Keep Bait Alive With Fishing Aerators

When it comes time to hook your bait, you want all the wiggle power you can get in the water to entice your catch. Make lengthy stays inside your bait bucket or cooler easier on fish and other critters with an aerator. The more bait you have, the greater the need for proper water oxygenation, so be sure the aerator or air pump suits your bait keeper. If you're all set on fishing aerators, grab air stones, batteries, extra tubing and other essentials that will keep your aerators and bait keepers running year after year.

Aerators For Bait Buckets

Packing a large bucket of bait on your fishing trip? Keep it alive with a well-aerated bucket. Some buckets come with a bubble aerator that hooks onto the side of the bucket. Bucket and aerator sets are great for anglers getting into the live bait game. If you're a seasoned angler who's all stocked up on buckets, look for aerator lids that are compatible with what you have on hand. Many lids offer wide openings for easy access to the bait inside.

Aerator And Pump Kits

Keep water in your bait tank properly oxygenated with a quality aerator set. Aerator and pump kits that are suitable for saltwater and freshwater environments are great for seasoned fishermen who enjoy hunting in multiple locations. It's important to be sure your fishing aerator and pump kits are compatible with the bucket you'll be taking aboard your fishing vessel or the tank you keep at home. While some only aerate 5 gallons of water, others can handle 20 to 25 gallons of water.