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Benefits Of Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament fishing line is a great choice for all-purpose fishing in both fresh and salt water. Monofilament line is available in a wide range of colors to suit the type of water that you're fishing in, helping to ensure that fish have a difficult time seeing it. Monofilament is also less dense than fluorocarbon and tends to float more, so it can be a great choice when using topwater bait. Be sure to browse our wide array of fishing line to find more options.

Choosing The Right Line

Before picking your line, think about the type of fish you're trying to land. A strong, aggressive species will require lines with a heavier weight or braided line that's harder to break, while lightweight line can be used for smaller fish. Also consider the waters that you're fishing in. Clear, shallow waters require different color lines than murky waters that don't let light through. Head to our Fishing Shop to find a wide selection of equipment and gear to help make sure your fishing expedition is successful.