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Benefits Of Fluorocarbon Line

When picking what kind of line to use on your next fishing trip, think about the benefits provided by fluorocarbon line. Fluorocarbon fishing line is made of a dense material that has a refractive index that is very similar to water, which means that fish have a difficult time spotting it. It is also extremely resistant to abrasion, so it can be used in thick cover or to drag bait across the bottom. Finally, a fluorocarbon leader is waterproof, so it won't absorb water and has the same characteristics below the surface as it does above. Browse our full selection of fishing line to find more options.

Useful Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon line sinks quickly, making it great for use in deep water. It can also be stiff, so be sure to select the appropriate-size reel and avoid overfilling the spool to ensure the best results.

Choosing The Right Fishing Gear

Selecting what type of line to use can be dependent on a wide range of factors, such as the species of fish you're aiming for and the type of water you're in. Be sure to check out our Fishing Shop to find a wide array of gear and accessories that can help you turn your next fishing trip into a story to remember.