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Fly Fishing Reels

Catch a fish you can brag about on your next fishing trip, when you use a fly reel to bring him in. Fly reels are specifically used for fly fishing, which is a distinct angling method in which artificial flies are used to attract fish. These flies are cast with the help of fly rods and fly line. Fly reels are used to store fly line and provide drag when you're fighting a heavy or fast-moving fish.

Convertible Fly Reels

Many fly reels for fishing are convertible or ambidextrous, meaning both right- and left-handed anglers can operate them. This comes in handy especially if you intend to share your reel with your fishing buddies or if you plan to teach your children how to fly fish.

Fly Reel Variations

Fly reels come with many variations. Some are designed for freshwater fishing, while others are for saltwater fishing only. Some popular fly reels are used to catch bass, while others are specifically for panfish. Some reels accept lines with a weight of 3 to 5 lb. whereas others accept lines with weights up to 8 or 9 lb. Some fly reels have a line backing capacity of 30 yards/20 lb. while others have a line backing capacity of 160 yards/20 lb.