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Versatile Fishing Wire Baits

Try universally used wire baits and other baits and lures to see what fish are up to. Casting is effortless with weighted heads that support easy travel and retrieval, and you can stay prepared for almost any fishing spot with wire baits that can be flipped like a jig, walked across the water, or run deep like a crankbait.

Enticing Wire Fishing Baits

You'll have fish flocking towards your line with bold and engaging wire baits. Eye-catching flashes from metallic blades reflect off light to encourage fish to swim your way, while blades with smooth-moving mechanisms deliver an attractive motion that fish won't be able to resist. Brightly colored elements entice fish in heavy cover or murky spots, while more subdued hues encourage fish in clearer waters. Buzzbaits create loud underwater noises, and lively skirts and blades produce powerful vibrations that fish just can't ignore. If you've got a certain species in mind, browse through a great selection of wire baits that can be used to lure in specific types of fish, including freshwater fish like bass and crappie.

Durable Wire Fishing Baits

Every fishing spot, whether saltwater or freshwater, can present challenges to your bait and tackle gear. Rugged fishing wire baits withstand challenging conditions to make sure you come home with a trophy. Lead, brass, steel and silicone keep up catch after catch, while hard-coat paint designs maintain their finish throughout multiple seasons.