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Submersible Fishing Lights

Sometimes the fish are only biting after the sun sets, so be sure to keep some fishing lights in your kit. Submersible lights are designed to be placed underwater, drawing the attention of nearby fish. Choose from a variety of intensities to suit the specific waters that you're fishing in and the type of fish you're trying to attract. For other ways to land the catch of the day, browse our selection of fishing gear.

Flounder Fishing Light

Flounder can often be found in shallow waters and can serve as a delicious way to end a great day of fishing. Using a flounder fishing light can make it easier to spot your targets before they spot you, helping to ensure your trip has a successful ending. Choose from a wide range of gaffs and gigs to help you land your catch.

Rechargeable Lights

A long night of fishing can quickly drain away the batteries in your fishing lights, leaving you in the dark. Selecting fishing lights that feature rechargeable batteries can be an easy way to ensure that your fishing trip doesn't end until you've landed a fish that you can brag to your buddies about. We also have a wide assortment of batteries if you choose lights that can't be recharged.