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Fishing Bait Traps

You know just what kind of bait your target catch finds irresistible. Ensure a successful fishing trip with help from reliable bait traps. If you're a saltwater fisherman, look for corrosion-resistant designs made to withstand harsh saltwater environments to help get the most out of your trap season after season. Explore bait fishing traps that are designed to secure a specific type of fish, such as pinfish or minnows, and offer designs that work best in different types of currents to be sure you have one that's suitable for your favorite fishing hole. To help keep your fishing gear to a minimum, browse collapsible fishing bait traps and bait kits that will help make on-boat storage and transport that much easier.

Fishing Nets

There are all kinds of fishing nets, from those designed to retrieve fish out of a baitwell by hand to larger nets made to hold a generous amount of crawfish for your next event. Sturdy metal handles that extend provide comfortable retrieval and carrying, while mesh netting made with materials like cotton or nylon provide a soft, flexible place for your catch to rest. If you're trapping crabs, crawfish, lobster and other shellfish that might snap back sometime between the boat and your stove, a pair of sturdy tongs can come in handy to help make retrieval a little safer and simpler. Before embarking on your angling adventure, be sure to keep all the fishing tools you'll need aboard your vessel.