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Outdoor Safety Gear

Don't just survive. Thrive with the right outdoor gear for your trip. Roughing it in the great outdoors can be tough, but with the right camp safety equipment, you can make each adventure an enjoyable event to remember. When you're far from civilization, water purification systems help you make the most out of nearby streams, and easy-to-prepare emergency food rations give you the nourishment needed to make it though each trek. Also, pack a map and compass to help keep your journey on track every step of the way.

Camp Safety Equipment

Set yourself up for a successful camping trip with camp safety equipment that'll benefit everyone in your group. As you're hiking to your favorite campsite and setting up the tent, insect repellents and mosquito netting can help keep the bugs and the potential diseases they carry at bay, and fire starters and lanterns make it easy to keep your site lit after sunset. Chilly forecast on the horizon? Hand and foot warmers are great for keeping you toasty.

Safety And Self-Defense

Prepare yourself for anything. If potentially dangerous wild animals are of concern, look to self-defense aids, like batons, pepper spray and personal alarms. To treat potential injuries along the way, grab a first aid kit that provides enough supplies to treat a variety of injuries, from minor cuts and scrapes to poison ivy and snake bites. Browse other outdoor safety gear to help you make the most of your time in the wild.