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Clean And Dress Your Catch

Heading out onto the water is a great way to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon in the great outdoors, and if you're lucky, you can catch your dinner while you're out there. A sharp knife makes it easy to clean and fillet your catch right when you get to shore, and be sure to keep a replacement knife blade in your kit, so you can quickly swap out a dull blade if needed.

Versatile Knife Replacement Blade

If you're hunting larger game, a replaceable blade knife that's designed specifically for use on bigger animals can help save you time after your successful hunt. A thin, straight blade is great for filleting and slicing skin away cleanly, while a serrated blade can help save time, but the cuts won't be as clean and will probably cause you to lose more meat. Electric fillet knives are becoming increasingly popular, and the extra power that they provide help you slice more cleanly with a serrated blade than you can with just your hands. Look for a carrying case for your replacement knife blade, so you can avoid accidents and injuries while packing your gear and during transport.