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Boat Seat Mounts And Boat Seat Pedestals

Enjoying a cruise around the water in your boat is a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon. Making sure that your boat seat is properly positioned can help you stay secure and comfortable during the entire trip. A boat seat mount is a simple way to ensure a firm, safe fit for your chair. To find an ideal level, select a boat seat pedestal. Pick an adjustable boat seat pedestal or pin post for fast height changes, or choose a fixed-height model that stays in a single spot. A swiveling boat seat mount allows added freedom of movement, so you can pivot your seat to find the right angle for casting out or just enjoying the view.

Boat Seat Essentials

If you need to change your boat's seating to accommodate different numbers of passengers, check out boat seat essential accessories that help you quickly add or remove seats. A seat release bracket allows you to mount a seat in just a few moments when your fishing buddy shows up unexpectedly, and makes it simple to remove the seat for added storage space on the next trip out. Keep fold-down seats on hand for reduced storage space, and be sure to have a boat cover to shield against the elements until your next trip onto the water.