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Boat Speedometers, Boat Fuel Gauges And Other Essential Boat Gauges

Keeping your boat in tip-top condition means using boat gauges to track everything from the trim to the water temperature and pressure in your outboard motor. A boat fuel gauge helps ensure that you have plenty of gas in the tank before you head out for the day, while a boat speedometer lets you track your high-end speed. Use an hour meter to monitor the amount of time elapsed since your engine's last service check and a water temperature gauge that lets you know how hot your water-cooled engine is running, so it's easy to schedule maintenance. A voltmeter can help prevent you from getting stranded without being able to start your motor, but be sure to maintain a stock of the necessary boating essentials to help ensure that you're prepared for any emergency that might arise.

Rugged Boat Gauges

Choosing a boat speedometer or boat fuel gauge with a low-profile bezel can help prevent water from entering and causing damage. Curved or domed glass lenses encourage water to run off instead of penetrating to the interior, and stainless-steel construction is always a smart choice when dealing with boat accessories. Look for contrast-color dials and perimeter lighting that provide increased visibility at night or during low-light conditions, so you can see the information with a quick glance. Boat lights create additional nighttime illumination to help other boaters see your craft and keep the waterways safe.