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Choosing The Right Women's Mountain Bike

In the world of outdoor adventuring, there are a few features women riders should consider when looking for the best possible women's mountain bike for sale. Whether you plan on cruising around the neighborhood or tackling rugged off-road trails, the frame material for women's mountain bikes comes down to your personal preference. Aluminum alloy tends to be a popular frame with its reliable balance of high strength and low weight. Titanium and carbon fiber frames are both exceptionally lightweight for smooth navigation, while steel frames are plenty tough, but tend to be on the heavier side. However, the durability of steel can be worth the added weight, especially if you prefer to take the road less traveled.

Sized For Comfort

Mountain bikes for women are generally smaller than their men's counterparts to give you complete control over your two-wheeled excursion. Handlebars are relatively shorter, giving you a secure grip as you pedal away, and the saddles of women's mountain bikes are usually molded to fit a woman's body better. You'll be spending plenty of time on that seat, so cushioned comfort is the name of the game. Keep your own height in mind when making your decision, as well. A bike that falls too short will be hard to pedal, while a bike that's too tall is difficult to control. When you're ready to ride, invite your friends and family to join with our selection of bicycles for all ages and riding styles, and keep your bike in tip-top shape with gear and accessories from our bike shop.