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Great for Beginners

If you've tried bike-riding before and didn't take to it, but you're looking to try again, consider one of these comfort bikes in our selection. They're designed to maximize comfort while seated on the bike, so you can have the best experience possible. Foam-padded seats help decrease the chance of soreness afterward, and height adjustability makes it easy to find the optimum seat height for whomever uses the bike. See what other options are available in the rest of our bike shop selection to find the best bike for your purposes.

Sharp-Looking Comfort Bikes

Ride around in style on a comfort bike and add some personality to your exercise routine. A comfort bike can be a solid way to ease into exercise after a period without it or when trying to exercise on a consistent schedule for the first time. The different colors and styles in this selection can help add some fun and flair to the workout, and they can also make it easier to pick your bike out from the rest on a crowded bike rack. Take a look at the different options in this selection and find the comfort bike that speaks to you the most.