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Wood Pellets and Wood Chips

Take your outdoor cooking up a notch using wood pellets, chips, chunks, and mini logs that add more flavor to juicy cuts of meat, seafood, chicken, or all of your favorite grilled foods. Try apple, peach, and maple wood for a hint of sweetness, or go with mesquite, hickory, and oak wood chips for a smokier, more savory taste. Get the smoky, nutty, and fruit-infused flavors you love with the wide selection of wood pellets and chips at Academy.

BBQ Wood Pellets

Made from 100 percent all-natural hardwood, our wood pellets contain no binding agents or fillers, and they're simple to use. Achieve perfect blue smoke and a clean, dependable burn with pellets formulated with just the right amount of moisture content. Enjoy this wood-fired taste and superb flavor in everything you smoke, grill, roast, or BBQ.

Wood Chips and Chunks

Think about your food’s estimated cooking time when choosing between wood chips and chunks. Chips and pellets burn faster, which is ideal if you want to quickly add bursts of succulent flavor to your food. Larger wood chunks take longer to burn, which is preferred for smokers and slow-cooking recipes.

Whether you choose wood pellets, chips, or chunks, soak the wood in water before use to make the burn last longer. Shop the most popular wood chips and pellets from leading brands at Academy to get maximum flavor and serious bang for your barbecue buck.