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Solar Power Batteries To Fit Your Power Needs

Getting away from it all on a family camping trip can be a great way to refresh, but also means getting away from outlets. Solar powered batteries harness the energy of the sun to charge your phone and ensure that your boat is ready to hit the water. Smaller solar power batteries are perfect for personal electronics, while larger models pack enough punch for the 12V battery in your RT, ATV or emergency backup, even in cloudy weather. Solar-power batteries with multiple AC outlets and USB ports ensure you can keep all your go-to items ready for action, and mountable designs free up space for other items. Check out plenty of batteries and power options to keep you up and running anywhere.

Rugged Solar Chargers

Things can get rough on a hunting or hiking trip, so rugged solar chargers and solar power batteries are essential. Sturdy metal housings ensure durability, while high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells can be relied on again and again. Protective scratch-, corrosion- and weather-resistant finishes help minimize wear, and waterproof solar-power batteries keep out moisture.

Solar Chargers And Controllers

Ensure your solar power battery is working at its intended voltage with controllers that minimize the likelihood of overcharging batteries. These controllers boast easy-to-read digital LCD screens to give you a comprehensive readout of charging current, load current and battery voltage. These solar-power battery accessories also help to promote efficient charging and make the most of the battery's reserve.