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Durable Marine Antennas

As you're out exploring the seas or taking a leisurely ride, your marine antennas should be designed to endure the elements. UV-resistant materials keep up with sun-soaked sailing, while corrosion-resistant constructions offer durability through splashes on the bay. With sturdy materials like polyurethane and fiberglass and flexible materials for sudden rough patches, there are plenty of marine radio antennas ready to accompany you on your next voyage.

Super-Clear Marine Radio Antennas

When it comes to boating essentials, having ultraclear reception is important - and super-receptive boat antennas are sure to deliver. Designs with different heights give the dependable performance you want on different-size boats, while options with chrome plating, vertical polarity and different bandwidths are sure to provide smooth reception and transmission.

Easy-To-Install Boat Antennas

Get set up and ready to ride with marine antennas that are a snap to install. Choose from a multitude of options, such as marine radio antennas that feature rotating swivel bases to suit different boats and offer easy placement and access. For boats that may not have as much room, there are rail- and ratchet- mountable models to suit a variety of vessels.