Magellan Outdoors™ Clothing and Accessories

If you and your family love the outdoors, check out our selection of Magellan clothing, including apparel for men, women and kids. Our assortment offers a variety of clothing options that are designed for outdoor wear, including camo T-shirts, base layer pants and tops, Magellan fishing shirts and jackets, so you can dress for any environment or occasion. Our selection also includes socks, hats, watches and other accessories for outdoor wear.

Magellan Boots and Footwear

Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting or hiking, our assortment of Magellan footwear offers an option for your activity of choice. Look for durable high- or low-top boots designed for use in rugged outdoor conditions, or choose a pair of insulated boots that are suitable for wearing in snowy weather. Our assortment also offers more casual options for men, women and children, including moccasins, slippers, sandals, boat shoes and other casual shoes.

Magellan Camping Gear and Equipment

Prepare for your next family camping trip with equipment from our assortment of Magellan camping gear. Our assortment includes a variety of items to help make your camping trip as comfortable as possible, including tents and screen houses, sleeping bags, bedding and cots, camp furniture and camp lighting. Enjoy hot meals on your camping trip with Magellan outdoor cooking equipment, such as camp stoves and accessories, and keep your food and drinks cold in camping coolers.

Magellan Fishing

Spend your day by the water in Magellan fishing gear from our assortment. Magellan waders, wading boots and wading accessories help keep you dry when you find yourself wading knee-deep into the water to catch fish, and Magellan fishing vests make it easy to keep all of your essential baits and tackle equipment close at hand.