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Personalize Your Firearm With Customized Magazine Accessories

A comfortable grip helps ensure that your firearm stays steady in your hand, allowing you to shoot rapidly and accurately. Customized pistol parts, like magazine extensions, are a simple way to create more surface space at the bottom of the grip frame, making it easier for those with larger hands to hold and shoot subcompact guns. Some magazine extensions are designed to extend the capacity of your magazine, allowing you to squeeze a few more rounds into it. Others simply provide increased space for your hand without affecting the magazine capacity. Making sure your entire hand fits on the grip frame can help increase your accuracy as you shoot without adding much size or bulk to your pistol.

Find The Right Gun Parts

Customized pistol parts are available for a wide range of popular gun models. Magazine extensions are available for many GLOCK pistol models, as well as Taurus, S&W and Springfield pistols. Be sure to select the size that fits your firearm and magazine size. With an array of brands to choose from, you'll be able to find the magazine accessories and pistol parts that fit your specific firearm.