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What is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes combine features from road bikes and mountain bikes to make a "hybrid" that is both comfortable and reliable in a wide range of riding environments. Hybrid bicycles often employ the lightweight frame of a road bike for increased speed, but they position the seat more upright, include wider tires and offer the flat handlebars usually found in mountain bikes for comfort. These blended features allow a hybrid bicycle to travel over a wider selection of terrain with better traction and stability. Academy's hybrid bicycles range from 7 to 21 speed models to give you the perfect level of power and speed along with the smooth shifting you need to tackle any trail. A range of braking technologies are matched to each hybrid bike to ensure you're in control of your hybrid bike at all times. Shop our selection of Giordano, Ozone and Schwinn hybrid bikes today!

Who Needs a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes are made for men and women who find themselves riding over different kinds of terrain including dirt paths, paved streets and uneven terrain. If you want your ride to adapt to different environments and remain comfortable on longer rides, a hybrid bicycle is the bike for you! Hybrid bikes offer the durability and strength to handle bumpier landscapes with the agility and flexibility you need speed down paved roads. You no longer have to worry about taking the right bike every time you hit a different road or risk destroying your investment on a path it wasn't meant to ride on. Shop our selection of hybrid bikes to find the style and design that works best for you. Then pick out your bike safety gear, and you'll be ready to rock any road you come across.