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Why Buy a Scope?

Scopes are designed for hunters that need to spot their targets and take the perfect shot from a long distance. Without the proper hunting scope attached to your firearm, you may miss your long shot entirely, ending your day in disappointment. Whether you're looking to buy a rifle scope or a crossbow scope, choosing the correct scope for your needs from the quality selection at Academy can make all the difference. We offer anti-fog, anti-scratch and waterproof lens features so you can persevere and have a profitable trip, regardless of the elements. Some of our scopes also feature sunshades to reduce glare, or night vision enhancements to help you see your target under the cover of darkness. Whatever the specific conditions surrounding your hunt, place your shot with precision and bring home the prize using hunting scopes from Academy.

A Scope for Every Firearm

At Academy, we offer several types of hunting scopes to ensure the perfect shot for your weapon of choice.

  • Rifle Scope: our hunting rifle scopes offer quick and easy reticle focusing for targets near and far. Rifle scopes let you stay stealthy hidden while you hunt for easily spooked game.

  • Crossbow Scope: lightweight and compact, our crossbow scopes will easily mount on your favorite crossbow. These scopes provide extra insight into exactly where to aim, even when you're as far as 50 yards away from your target.

  • Pistol Scope: rugged, durable and ready to handle heavy-kicking handguns, our pistol scopes help you take aim with the most advanced technologies. Some pistol scopes are even treated with DiamondCoat 2™ to provide greater light transmission, brightness, clarity and contrast while you prepare your shot.

  • Shotgun Scope: our shotgun scopes feature quick-focus eyepieces that offer the accurate sight-in you need to take aim, even when your target is as far as 200 yards out.