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One of the most dynamic ways to have fun in the backyard or indoors, trampolines are a fun way to enjoy an afternoon and put a smile on everyone's faces. Whether an indoor trampoline, a water trampoline or a standard, freestanding outdoor trampoline, these trampolines are sturdy and include safety measures to help ensure a great experience for everyone. Look through our entire selection of recreation and leisure products, including pools and water toys and backyard games, to find a multitude of ways to have fun at home. Take notice of the mini trampolines, kids' trampolines and toddler trampolines to spread the fun to the younger members of the family.

Safety Equipment and Accessories

Install a sturdy trampoline to help ensure safe entry to and exit from the trampoline. Trampoline pole sleeves cover up exposed rungs and springs to help prevent injury if a bouncer bounces in the wrong place. There are even convenient trampoline shoe bags to hold shoes securely while people jump around, keeping them in an easy-to-find place once bouncers are done. These and other pieces of trampoline safety equipment help keep the trampoline area a safe and enjoyable recreational piece.