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Ping Pong Paddles And Color Choice

Many ping pong paddles are red on one side and black on the other. While these are the only colors permitted in official tournaments, table tennis paddles used in casual games can be any color you prefer. High-visibility hues mirror your favorite shades and make it easier to track player movements, while neutral colors complement to your d�cor. Keep your game room neat by containing ping pong rackets in a paddle organizer, and be sure to stock up on ping pong balls, so you're ready to take on any challengers.

Understanding Ratings For Table Tennis Paddles

Most table tennis paddles accommodate the average player during a friendly round or two. Because of this, the best choice for many beginners is simply the paddle that feels most comfortable in hand. However, serious competitors should be aware of the various ratings assigned to ping pong paddles to select the best option for their matches. Take control of the game's pace when you're on offense with a high-speed racket, or seize precision control over the ball to lure your opponent into a game-changing mistake. When the final point is on the line, a high-spin paddle that sends the ball whizzing past with devastating topspin can make the difference between a sweet victory and a crushing defeat. No matter how you play, our assortment of ping pong tables and accessories includes everything needed to enjoy the game to the fullest.