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Choosing Disc Golf Discs

Designed as a fun backyard game, disc golf is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. As the name implies, the game is similar to golf, and the goal is to put a disc into the target in as few throws as possible. Different types of disc golf discs provide versatile flight characteristics. A driver-style disc has a sharp, beveled edge that provides increased speed and distance. When you're closer to the target, using a mid-range disc gives you greater accuracy, and for the final shot, a putter-style disc offers straight, predictable flight that's easier to place into the target. If you're new to the game, many golf disc sets include each type, so you can learn the differences.

Golf Disc Sets And Accessories

Disc golf discs aren't the only thing you need to play a friendly game of disc golf. While you can use landmarks, like a tree or park bench, as a target, many players prefer to use their own mobile targets that can be picked up and moved for each game. Golf disc sets are a great way for beginners to get into the game. Many of them include several types of discs as well as targets. For dedicated players, look into specially designed bags and backpacks that let you hold multiple discs more easily.