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Top Golf Drivers

The driver is an indispensable tool off the tee, so let Academy Sports + Outdoors help you find your match and improve your golf club collection with many of our best golf drivers for sale. Made with titanium clubheads and graphite shafts, these drivers are both light as a feather to hold and are heavy-hitters when it comes to making your first stroke on the golf course a long one. With adjustable clubheads, these drivers offer you a level of control needed to stay in the fairway and make reaching the green easier. Our line of right-handed drivers and left-handed drivers ensures that golf is accessible to your needs.

Varying Loft

Whether you're a long-time golfer or a novice, Academy Sports + Outdoors has new golf drivers with the loft that you prefer. With various loft types from 9 to 14, you can choose a driver with a loft that matches your style of play. If you're a traditional golfer, stick with lower-loft drivers, which require finesse to pull off or join the latest trend in higher-loft drivers. Higher loft causes your golf balls to stay airborne longer and with a more controlled angle, so you can hit the ball further down the fairway, making for an easier approach to the green.