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Add To Your Home Gym

Get the strength training equipment you need to achieve your goals using your Olympic weights or your own body weight. Many power racks and power towers give you the ability to perform a variety of exercises beneath a single frame, such as pull-ups, squats, bench presses, incline/decline push-ups and more. If you're short on space, a slim power tower with a few different bars and hand grips can be just the tool you need to tone up. For individuals with more space looking for plenty of options, power cages or power racks may be more suitable, since they often offer additional room for your weights and weight bench.

Power Racks And Cages Built For Strength

From bench presses to pull-ups, you can equip your home gym with power towers that can handle your personal circuit training. Sturdy frames made with metals, like powder-coat steel, provide a strong support for you and your weight training accessories. Many even boast weight capacities in the hundreds, which are great for seasoned individuals who are looking to bulk up. For added safety, look for power cages and racks that mount directly to your floor.

Train In Comfort

While challenging your body isn't always comfortable, the tools you use shouldn't be the cause of the discomfort. Look for power towers and power cages with built-in padding to comfortably support your body during vertical knee raises and nonslip hand grips for those decline push-ups and dips. Many power racks for sale offer numerous chin-up and weight bar positions, so you can work out at an ideal angle. When it's time to hit the showers, power cages and racks that are easy to clean will help you maintain a sanitary workout area.