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Fitness Analysis

Track your fitness progress with digital scales that display changes in weight. In addition to weight loss, there are also scales that measure additional wellness indicators, such as body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass and estimated BMI. With a variety of body estimates available, you can use scales to set personal goals. Weight scales that display pounds to the nearest tenth allow for tracking small fluctuations in weight, and other accessories, such as heart rate monitors, also offer a convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Variations In Design

Scales are available to suit diverse users. Scales with a bright LED display are easy to read in low-lit areas, and digital scales help provide precise measurements and crisp readouts. Glass digital scales are simple to clean as you easily wipe off dirt and dust, but stainless-steel scales offer long-lasting use and are built to withstand wear and tear throughout the years.

Convenient Features

If everyone in your family is using the same scale, consider weight scales that save the information for up to 4 people or even 12 people, so everyone can check their weight. Devices with multiple modes allow for adjustments between normal or athlete mode to accommodate different lifestyles, and you can easily use the scale whenever you want by selecting units with an on and off switch or scales that activate when you step on.