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Exercise Balls, Stability Boards And Core Training Devices

Using an exercise ball or stability board is an easy way to engage your core muscles. The unstable surface forces additional muscles in your abdomen and back to trigger, providing you with an increased workout. For more toning fitness equipment to work your core, check out core training devices designed to increase balance, stability and functional strength. Benches offer an easy way to work back and abdominal muscles, while targeted exercises done with an exercise wheel help quickly build strength.

Resistance Bands, Pull-Up Rings, Step Equipment And Jump Ropes

Using your body weight for resistance helps you work out with minimal equipment. Designed to add a strength element to your workout without weights, resistance bands and pull-up rings help you tone and sculpt your body. These devices require less storage space than other types of muscle toning equipment, and the compact design allows use when traveling. For a cardiovascular boost, try low-profile step equipment or a jump rope to get your heart rate pumping and burn calories almost anywhere.

Inversion Tables

Add an inversion table to your home gym to reduce stress on your lower back and spine. By taking an upside-down position, you can use gravity to create a decompressing effect that helps reduce fatigue and discomfort after strenuous workouts or long days at the office.

Workout Videos

Get motivated with guidance from the pros. Workout videos complement your toning fitness equipment and muscle toning equipment and offer a wide range of styles to invigorate your fitness routine. Pop in a DVD and take a virtual exercise class in the privacy of your own home.