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Ease Pains And Strains With Athletic Braces

Whether you're recovering from an injury or preventing one, finding the right athletic braces is key. Sports braces that target specific areas of the body can help alleviate conditions like tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis, while others let you enjoy additional support during strenuous everyday and fitness activities to help prevent an old injury from flaring up or a new one from occurring in a weaker area. Stock up on other sports medicine supplies to promote a proper healing process.

Sports Support Braces Help You Play On

Some sports support braces are designed to be worn during games and practices. Great for your shooting arm in basketball, compression sleeves increase circulation and guard against bruising, scratches and floor burn on the court. If your wrist is feeling sore from repetitive motions, like typing or swinging a racket, a wrist brace can stabilize the area and ease discomfort. Need more targeted support? Slim forearm and leg bands compress the affected tendons and muscles, so you can play with confidence.

Sports Braces To Prevent Everyday Injuries

Support your body while you move with flexible shoulder, waist or back sports braces. Ambidextrous shoulder braces allow use on either side of your body, and stretchy designs help you maintain a full range of motion. Back and waist braces with adjustable designs provide customized support for your core, so you can lift weights and perform other activities comfortably.