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Find Your Fat Bike at Academy

Fat bikes have oversized tires that let you or your little one glide over unsteady and rough terrain with ease. If you live in an area with snow, sand or mud, a fat tire bike is the perfect partner to help you conquer the elements. Our fat tire bikes come in a range of styles and colors to suit your personal needs, from a Mongoose fat bike featuring beach cruiser pedals and a padded seat for easy pedaling and a comfortable ride to youth fat tire bikes and models made for more rugged terrain. We offer fat bikes with 6 or 7 speed twist shifters and different braking technologies to allow for safe and fast stops that keep you in control, whatever ground you're riding over. Shop trusted brand names like Mongoose, GMC and Huffy to find the right fat tire bike for you and your environment.

What is a Fat Tire Bike?

Fat bikes have wide, over-sized tires designed to move easily over areas with low ground pressure, such as snowy, sandy or muddy terrain. If you live in a place where biking is limited by harsh weather conditions like these, a fat bike may be the perfect solution to give you more time on two wheels. A fat bike is made to endure wet weather and unstable ground conditions to provide smoother rides over soft terrain. You may lose a little speed, but the extra width of fat bike tires allow you to float over ground that would otherwise be off-limits for bikes. Their rugged reputation doesn't mean fat tire bikes can't be ridden all year round – in fact, more and more people today love taking the laidback, sturdy style of a fat bike to city streets and beyond. Shop our selection of fat bikes today!