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Take To The Skies

Focus more on speed, altitude and stunts rather than video capture using drones without camera capabilities. Piloted from below, many of these remote-controlled flying toys are equipped with gyro and gravity sensors to help keep them stable in the air, preventing accidental damage mid-flight and bumpy landings. From simple models and superhero designs to high-tech quadcopters without cameras, you can choose the model that will bring you the most joy.

Swoop And Swerve

Embark on an aerial adventure with a drone or quadcopter. Selecting a quadcopter without camera functions dials down complex purchasing options, but not the fun. Many models offer adjustable speed settings to accommodate novice and expert pilots alike, as well as LEDs for nighttime flights. As you gain more experience, you can wow your friends with your 360-degree flips, impressive multidirectional swoops and more. Some reach distances of hundreds of feet overhead and can be piloted alongside other drones, so you can compete with friends to see who has the most aerial skills.

Accessories For Drones Without Cameras

If you're a first-time pilot, it may be a good idea to look for a more rugged quadcopter that comes with a few extra propellers and other spare parts - just in case. Tough body designs made with lightweight materials help ensure your quadcopter can fly easily and land safely. Also, be sure your drone is packed with enough battery power to withstand each journey. Some come with extra batteries, while others are rechargeable, so it's easy to refuel at the end of each flight. Many drone accessories are compatible with a single model, so be sure you have the right parts for yours.