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Mechanical Broadheads And Fixed Broadheads

Whether you're out on the hunt or shooting for sport, the right broadheads and points can make all the difference in the speed, power and accuracy of each shot. Often preferred for their aerodynamic flight patterns, mechanical broadheads have blades that unleash upon impact, securing the arrow once it enters game. Fixed broadheads are known for their reliable designs. The 1-piece blades remain firmly in place from start to finish, guarding against potential damage along the way and maximizing impact. For the best of both types, you can also purchase hybrid broadheads that are equipped with a combination of mechanical and fixed blades. Find what works best for you by experimenting with RAGE broadheads, Grim Reaper� broadheads, NAP broadheads, Muzzy broadheads and broadhead assemblies from other brands.

Select The Best Broadheads For Your Target

In building your collection of broadheads, consider the draw length and weight of your bow as well as your target. Big game hunters with speedy compound crossbows will benefit from broadheads that boast greater cutting diameters, knockdown power and ultrarugged designs, while small game hunters with traditional bows can achieve desired results from a variety of smaller, heavier models. For a little extra longevity, look for broadheads that boast replaceable blades and corrosion-resistant designs that are built to weather multiple hunting seasons.

Choose The Ideal Blade Type

Find the ideal broadhead blade type and cutting diameter for your target. Some broadheads come with more traditionally styled straight or chisel blades, while others are armed with spiraling blades that create a circular wound channel for more devastating effects. If you're hunting a variety of game, from turkeys to elk, broadheads with adjustable cutting diameters will help you make the most of your ammo.