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Keep Your Boat Running Smoothly With Bilge Pumps

Designed to keep your boat's lowest areas dry and clear of water, bilge pumps are often a sailor's first line of defense against emergencies. Water can enter your vessel through any number of means, such as an errant wave or splash, forgetting to plug a drain, or if you have a wooden boat, simply soaking through the hull. Bilge pumps remove this water before it accumulates to an unsafe level, helping to keep your ship operating as intended. In the case of an emergency situation, bilge pumps can also pump water out to provide a few critical minutes to put on life jackets and find other boating emergency equipment, like signal flares. Be sure to have at least one backup bilge pump in case your main pump is fouled. A hand bilge pump provides you with an efficient way to move water if battery or electrical issues arise during your trip.

Aerator Pumps Keep Bait Fresh

Maintaining a livewell in your boat is a simple way to keep your bait fresh and active during your fishing trip. Aerator pumps provide your bait fish with fresh water and oxygen that helps keep them moving, making them more attractive to your target fish when you cast your lines. Aerator pumps also help keep your caught fish fresh during your trip home, so you can count on a tasty meal. Find all the boating essentials you need in our diverse assortment.