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Men's Compression

Colorful Men's Compression Shirts

Wearing men's compression shirts can help add a lively splash of color to your workout wardrobes. Brightly colored blue and purple shirts help you break away from standard color schemes, and compression shirts with a superhero logo can help you unleash your inner strength. If you're pumping up to get ready for the upcoming season, a football-themed shirt lets everyone know you belong on the gridiron. Check out our full Fitness Shop to find gear and accessories that are designed to give your workouts a new edge.

Practical Men's Compression Tights

Men's compression tights are designed to boost your workouts by encouraging increased blood flow to a specific area and providing added oxygen for your muscles. Men's compression shorts are made of a stretchy, clingy material that hugs your skin, and they can also serve as a base layer for days when cold weather threatens to interrupt your workouts. Because men's compression shorts fit so tightly, most of them have moisture-wicking technology that moves sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling dry when you move. If you need coverage for your lower legs, full-length compression tights are a good choice, but compression shorts are enough if you only need coverage for your upper legs. Shop our full selection of men's apparel to find an outfit for the rest of the day.