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Sleeping Bags

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Family Camping

Family vacations often double as mini camping expeditions for you and your loved ones, so make sure that everyone is well-equipped for the next adventure. Rectangular sleeping bags are roomier and less restrictive than those that are more formfitting, making them perfect for low-maintenance excursions. If you end up needing extra space or are sharing with someone, simply zip a second bag to the first one. Be on the lookout for sleeping bags with a foot box, which will help you stay warm while you sleep and are especially useful for those who sleep on their backs. When shopping around for men's sleeping bags and women's sleeping bags, keep in mind how often you plan to use it and under what circumstances to ensure the best possible fit for you.

Functional Sleeping Bags For The Whole Family

Most sleeping bags have a temperature rating, which indicates the lowest number of degrees in which you can snooze outdoors and still reasonably expect to stay warm. Insulation is an important factor when searching for a bag purely for utility. Men's sleeping bags and women's sleeping bags with hoods help to trap in any heat you may lose from your head while you catch some z's for the ultimate in toasty comfort. Compression sacks are useful if you require a sleeping bag that will take up as little space as possible you're out on the trail, and water resistance can mean the difference between a good night's sleep and a long, cold, wet night. For a more serious backpacking sleeping bag, mummy sleeping bags are a great option. They require little room and are designed to keep you truly warm in low temperatures. Rest easy knowing you'll have a reliable place to hit the hay after you're done hitting the trails with our selection of sleeping bags, airbeds and cots.