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Versatile Stopwatches And Timers

Staying in better shape is a goal that most of us strive for every day, and using stopwatches and timers can help us hit those benchmarks. If you're trying to improve your personal time around the track or pool, stopwatches offer you ultra-precise timekeeping that makes sure you can accurately gauge your progress. Look for features like lap/split times with total, best and average lap times to help pinpoint areas for improvement, and use timers to measure your interval training rounds. Listening to music through earbuds and headphones helps you set a rhythm and get motivated while exercising, so you can stay pumped up as you meet and exceed your targets. Check out our assortment of personal electronics for more ways to get active and stay entertained.

Pedometers And Distance Trackers

Staying in shape doesn't have to mean hitting the gym or track for hours every day. Adding just a few minutes of activity to your day can help you hit your fitness goals. Taking a brisk walk around the block during your lunch break or using the stairs instead of the elevator adds movement to your day and makes all the difference between a sedentary and active lifestyle. Distance trackers and pedometers can be worn on your wrist or carried in your pocket, making it easy to see how much you've moved each day. Some distance trackers even have a calorie tracker that can give you added motivation to get up and move.