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Take The Music With You With Portable Speakers

With an ultra-compact design, portable speakers are a great way to take your favorite music virtually anywhere you go. Many portable speakers are small enough to fit into a pocket or bag, and some wireless speakers come with a built-in carabiner that can be attached to a backpack strap for even easier transport. If you're spending time at the beach or pool, water-resistant wireless speakers are designed to keep working even when stray splashes and raindrops hit them. Pack up a bag with your seaside must-haves, then kick back with a beachy playlist with no worries about damage caused by water. Look for additional personal electronics for other ways to have fun and get active.

Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth� speakers offer an easy way to free yourself from tangling cords and cables. Most modern mobile devices, including many smartphones, MP3 players and tablets, have Bluetooth� capability, making it easy to sync wirelessly to your Bluetooth� speakers and enjoy your music without being constrained by wires or worrying about trip hazards. Put your speaker on the other side of the room, or take it outside to listen to a podcast or playlist while you're in the backyard. Most wireless speakers can also be plugged in for use as a standard speaker, so there's no need for the party to end if you run out of battery power.