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CO₂ Air Pistols Vs. Pump Air Pistols

When looking for a new Benjamin� air pistol, Gamo air pistol or Crosman pistol, one of the main features to think about is the propulsion method. Many air pistols use a separate CO₂ cartridge to propel the BBs and pellets. This offers the advantage of fast, semi-automatic shooting, but requires you to keep multiple CO₂ cartridges on hand during extended shooting sessions. Another type of air pistol uses a pneumatic pump as the power source. This provides a consistent velocity and allows you to shoot with no extra gear, but limits you to a single shot at a time. A precharged pneumatic (PCP) air pistol has a built-in tank that stores compressed air to power each shot. This allows semi-automatic shooting, but needs to be refilled after a certain number of uses. Browse our selection of air guns and accessories to find everything you need for recreational shooting.

Air Pistol Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories available for your Benjamin� air pistol, Gamo air pistol and Crosman pistol. Many air pistols have a rail-style mounting system that allows you to quickly add or remove a flashlight or laser sight. If you're hunting varmints or small game with your air pistol, think about a detachable shoulder stock that offers increased precision with each shot. Built-in front and rear sights are also available to help you aim more accurately, and textured grips give a sure hold, even if your hands are wet.