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FELL Marine MOB+ xFOB Multifob

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SKU:  121415931
ITEM:  72.380.209

The FELL Marine MOB+ xFOB Multifob can provide you with peace of mind and security on your next boating excursion. The wireless, electronic engine cut-off technology helps keep your movements unrestricted and kills the engine on your boat in the event of an overboard fall. The xFOB man-overboard kill switch can be worn on the wrist by connecting it to the xBAND, around the neck by locking it into the xTAG or attached to life vests or clothing using the lash-tag clip to provide personalized wear and portability.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with xHUB to electronically shut off your boat's engine in case a passenger were to fall overboard
  • Wireless technology provides free range of movement
  • Cuts engine off within one second of overboard activity
  • Attaches to the xTAG to be worn around the neck or the xBand for around the wrist wear and has a lash tab clip-on that secures to life vests or garments for personalized portability
  • Up to 4 xFOBs can be used simultaneously
  • Recommended to be used on boats with a size of 40 feet or less
  • Has up to 300 hours battery life
  • Automatic timer function shuts xFOB off after a period of not being used


  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Number of Batteries: 1
  • Batteries Included: Yes

What's in the Box

  • FELL Marine MOB+ xFOB Multifob