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Turkey Hunting Camo: What to Wear Turkey Hunting

WriterAubrey McShan
12 min read
Three hunters in turkey hunting camouflage walk down a path with shotguns through a forest

Have your sights set on bagging a wild turkey soon? You’ll have to master the art of blending into the background!

Turkeys have impressive, keen eyesight. Even the slightest shine off your gun can give you away. In this guide, you’ll learn all about how to conceal yourself in the right turkey hunting camo so you can gain the advantage and take home that prized meal.

Key Takeaways

What to Wear Turkey Hunting

For a successful hunt, wear turkey hunting camo from head to toe. Dress in a camouflage shirt, pants, vest, and jacket. Conceal your face with a head net or camo paint and a hat.

Your hands and feet can also give you away. Be sure to wear camo gloves and camo-patterned boots to complete the look.

Researching the specific hunting region in advance allows you to select the best camo pattern that blends into the surroundings. Here’s a quick checklist of everything you need to wear for turkey season:

  • Body: Wear camouflage in layers so you beat the morning chill and stay cool in the afternoon heat. A camo shirt, jacket, and pants help conceal your body while you hunt.
  • Head: Conceal your head by wearing accessories like a face mask or gaiter. If a face mask feels too constricted, opt for camouflage face paint instead.
  • Hands: Remove any shiny rings, and put on lightweight gloves that don’t restrict movement. If you’re hunting when it’s cooler out, choose gloves with an insulated lining.
  • Foot: Wear camouflage boots that protect your feet from puddles, mud, and snakes. Pick boots that you’re comfortable walking long distances in.
  • Weapon: Cover any parts of your gun with weapon wrap. That way, your gun blends into the woods and doesn’t glint. Most wrap is reusable and won’t damage your gun.

Camo Shirt
for Turkey Hunting

Magellan Outdoors Men's Hill Zone Camo T-shirt

When turkey hunting, always dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Consider wearing layers of clothing for versatility.
  • In warmer spring conditions, a camo t-shirt can help you stay cool.
  • In chillier conditions, opt for a long-sleeved camo shirt to provide added warmth and comfort.

Camo Jacket
for Turkey Hunting

Magellan Outdoors Women's Game Winner 1/4-Zip Pullover

When hunting turkeys in the fall, be prepared for cooler weather.

  • Layer multiple camo garments to keep warm.
  • Consider wearing camo hoodies or insulated jackets suitable for weather conditions (like waterproof or windbreaker options).
  • Choose a camo jacket that isn’t too baggy or bulky. This ensures both comfort and functionality during your hunts.

Camo Pants
for Turkey Hunting

Magellan Outdoors Men’s HuntGear Zip Off Camo Pants

Purchase a few different types of camo pants so you have multiple options for the different seasons and environments.

  • Opt for lightweight and quiet pants that blend well with the surroundings.
  • For colder days, consider wearing base layers or fleece-lined pants to stay warm.
  • Pants should cover your ankles and socks for added concealment.
  • In wet hunting seasons, wear waterproof camo pants to keep you dry and comfortable while pursuing turkeys.

Camo Boots
for Turkey Hunting

Magellan Outdoors Boys' Snake Shield Armor 2.0 Hunting Boots

Choosing the right boots for turkey hunting depends on the terrain and weather conditions you'll encounter.

  • Prioritize comfort and consider whether ankle boots or calf-high boots suit your needs.
  • Opt for lightweight options to facilitate long-distance hiking.
  • Choose boots based on the hunting season: whether you need insulated boots for colder weather or waterproof boots for wet conditions.

Expert Tip:

If you're in an area with a significant snake population, wear snake boots for added protection. For added camouflage, consider boots with a camouflage exterior that allow you to tuck your pants inside.

Camo Vest
for Turkey Hunting

Nomad Men's Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest

Wearing a camouflage vest for turkey hunting comes down to personal preference.

  • Various styles are available — ranging from vests with multiple straps to those that offer added warmth.
  • Some vests feature additional pockets for convenient storage.
  • Most vests provide protection against wind, ensuring you stay comfortable.
  • Customizable straps ensure a snug fit, minimizing discomfort and allowing freedom of movement.
  • Some vests incorporate reflective strips or bright colors for increased safety during low-light conditions or near other hunters.

Camo Accessories
for Turkey Hunting

Blocker Outdoors Shield S3 Rainblocker Gloves
  • Camo Gloves: Wear camo gloves that are thin/lightweight and won’t interfere with your shooting. Choose fleece-lined or all-weather gloves and bring an extra pair with you when you go out.
  • Face Masks: Face masks & gaiters conceal your head, neck, and face without obstructing your vision. If you don’t enjoy wearing a gaiter, use face paint instead.
  • Camo Hats: Camo baseball style or bucket hats are perfect for hunters and help block the sun. For colder weather, keep your ears warm with hunting beanies.
  • Weapon Wrap: Conceal the barrel of your shotgun with reusable weapon wrap. Your gun can alarm a turkey if they see a shiny part of it or if they hear it clink against something.

Choose the Right Turkey Hunting Camo Pattern

Choosing the wrong camo pattern can make you stick out like a sore thumb to wild turkeys. Our guide below can help you choose the right camo pattern to blend into your environment.

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Turkey Hunting Camo Pattern Guide
Season Region Typical Conditions Camo Pattern Explanation
Spring Woodland Wet Mossy Oak Bottomland Original The darker tones of this pattern are perfect for blending into the darker hues of wet spring woodland.
Spring Grassland Dry Mossy Oak Brush Designed for arid environments, this pattern blends well with dry spring grassland.
Spring Desert Hot, Dry Mossy Oak Rio Created for arid environments, this pattern is ideal for spring desert landscapes.
Spring Swamp Wet, Muddy Realtree Timber Ideal for water and dark environments, this pattern is suitable for wet and muddy swamp areas in spring.
Fall Woodland Cool, Changing Leaves Mossy Oak Bottomland With a mixture of earth tones, this pattern blends into fall woodland with changing leaves.
Fall Woodland Cool, Changing Leaves Realtree Edge The detailed natural elements and mixed light and dark colors work well in cool, dry fall grassland.
Fall Desert Cool, Dry Mossy Oak Rio The elements of brush, cacti, and yucca foliage are perfect for fall desert landscapes.
Fall Swamp Cool, Wet Realtree Timber This pattern works well in fall swamps with its deep, dark, shadowy elements.

Depending on what point in the season you start hunting, the woods may be greener with foliage or less green. Choose camo patterns that mimic the colors found in nature at that time of year.

Expert Tip:

It's crucial to understand turkey behavior, their movement patterns, and their potential reactions to your presence. It's not just about having the right camo, but also about being in the right place at the right time and remaining still and silent.

What NOT to Wear Turkey Hunting

Hunters will be searching for specific colors to confirm they’ve found a turkey and may mistake you for one if you’re wearing similar colors anywhere on your person. Never wear the following colors, which are found on a male turkey’s head:

  • Red: The male turkey's head (specifically the ‘snood’) turns bright red when excited. Their wattle can also fill with blood and turns bright red. Wearing red could lead to being mistaken for a turkey by other hunters.
  • White: Parts of a turkey's tail and wings appear white — especially when displayed. Wearing white may cause other hunters to mistake you for a turkey.
  • Blue: An excited male turkey's head can turn a startling shade of blue. Wearing blue while hunting may signal to other hunters a turkey's presence.
  • Black: Turkeys have predominantly dark-colored bodies. Wearing black could potentially make a hunter look like a turkey in low-light conditions or from a distance.

What NOT to Wear Turkey Hunting

While wearing blaze orange is not a foolproof method of ensuring safety, it can significantly reduce the risk of being mistaken for game by other hunters. You typically don’t need to wear orange while turkey hunting, but check your local regulations. It’s advisable to wear an orange hunting vest when you are moving from your vehicle to your hunting location.

  • Visibility: The primary reason to wear blaze orange is visibility. The bright, unnatural color stands out in the natural environment, making the hunter highly visible to other hunters. This helps to prevent accidental shootings by clearly identifying the wearer as a human.
  • Legal requirements: In some jurisdictions, wearing blaze orange while hunting is required by law, especially during certain hunting seasons when the risk of accidental shootings is higher.

Expert Tip:

Never stalk turkeys if you hear gobbling sounds. They may be another hunter trying to lure in a turkey. Instead, stay in one place to limit your chances of crossing paths with other hunters.

Have Fun Out There!

Ready to hunt turkeys this season? Turkey hunting camo ensures you’ll stay concealed so you can lure in unsuspecting gobblers. From camo boots to shirts and even hats, we’ve got you covered. Blend into your surroundings so you don’t miss that perfect shot!