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Softball Articles & Tips

Fastpitch or fielding, we've got your back! Master softball tips, ideas, expert how-tos, drills, and insights to conquer the competition in our Softball Tips & Articles.

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A Guide to Baseball Glove Leather: Find the Best Kind for You

Elevate your baseball game with the perfect leather glove! Discover top leather types & characteristics to make game-winning catches all season long.

June 07, 20247 min read 26 views
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Infield vs Outfield Gloves for Baseball & Softball: What’s the Difference?

Get the right baseball or softball glove for your position! Learn the differences between infield and outfield gloves to optimize your gameplay.

May 29, 20246 min read 23 views
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Softball Bat Size Guide: Sizing Chart & More

Swing big and hit hard when you’re up to bat with an appropriately sized softball bat. Learn more about choosing the right size from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

October 05, 202312 min read 907 views
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Tball Bat Size Charts That Improve Your Child's Swing

Want to know the fastest way to improve your child's swing? Use Academy's Tee Ball bat size charts so they can learn the proper techniques while having fun!

August 08, 202315 min read 1088 views
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Softball Glove vs. Baseball Glove: What’s the Difference?

Learn key differences between baseball and softball gloves and how to spot the difference with insights from Academy experts. Click to learn more!

March 30, 202315 min read 264 views
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Softball/Baseball Helmet Sizes + Chart for Every Age

Sizing a baseball or softball helmet can seem like a tricky task, but with the right knowledge, it's simple. Learn sizing tips from the Academy experts!

March 23, 202315 min read 1982 views
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Different Types of Cleats: Baseball vs. Football vs. Soccer + More

Each sport requires its own type of cleat so players can do their best. Learn about the differences between baseball, football, and soccer cleats from Academy.

March 23, 202315 min read 989 views
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How To Choose a Softball Glove for Your Position

You can't get in the game without finding the best softball glove for you. We walk you through how to choose the right softball glove for your position.

August 30, 202210 min read 263 views
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Softball Practice Drills for High School + College Players

Take your skills to the next level with these effective softball practice drills. Learn tips for how to improve your softball batting, pitching, or catching.

April 06, 20228 min read 33 views
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