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Outdoor Cooking

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How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle Like a Pro

Discover the best techniques for cleaning your Blackstone griddle, what type of supplies you need to get started, and how often you should clean your griddle.

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How to Season a Blackstone Griddle Like a Pro

Prevent your food from sticking to your griddle by seasoning it. Learn how to season a Blackstone griddle for the first time, the best oil to use, and more!

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Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker: Learn the Key Differences

Curious whether to buy an electric vs. pellet smoker? This guide will cover the key differences between the two, including price, fuel, flavor, and more!

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What Is a Pellet Grill? Cook Like a Backyard Pro

Ready to get grilling, smoking, and baking? Learn about the pros and cons of pellet grills, how they work, and whether or not they’re a right fit for you.

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What Is a Kamado Grill? Learn How to Use One + Benefits

Ready to join the Kamado grilling side? Discover what they are, how to use them, and what factors to consider when shopping for them.

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7 Types of Smokers Explained: Best Ones to Buy + Why

Grilling season is finally here! Find out more about the different types of smokers available so you can find the right one for you and get to smoking.

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Gas Vs. Charcoal Grills: Discover the Differences

Need help deciding between a gas and charcoal grill? In this article, we examine cooking time, flavor, cleanup, and more to help you make the best choice.

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How To Choose the Best Dutch Oven for Your Next Camping Trip

Whether over an open fire or the stovetop, a Dutch oven can be used to cook just about anything. Learn how to choose a Dutch oven for camping from Academy.

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How To Use a Camping Stove To Cook Meals You Love

Learn how to use a camping stove & cook meals you love. Set up your portable stove safely without the stress, so you actually enjoy your next camping trip.

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Grill Vs Smoker Vs Griddle: Which is Right for You?

This guide gives the rundown for grills, smokers, and griddles to help you decide which is the right outdoor cooking setup for you and your family.

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Find the Best Grill or Smoker

Searching for a smoker or grill set-up for BBQ, but not sure which one is best? This helpful guide can help you choose the best grill or smoker for outdoor cooking.

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The Benefits of Cooking with a Pizza Oven

Prepare the perfect pizza with the benefits of an outdoor pizza oven. Follow our tips on cooking with a pizza oven at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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20+ Gifts for Father’s Day: Golf, Grilling, Fishing, + More

There are many different gifts you can get your dad for Father’s Day. This guide will help you find the perfect gift for your dad at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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How to Make Homemade Margherita Pizza

This step-by-step homemade pizza recipe is the easiest way to make the perfect Margherita at home in your portable pizza oven.

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Outdoor Grilling Tips with Matt Pittman

From preparation, tools, and heat source control to seasoning your meats, Matt Pittman shares his best outdoor grilling tips to improve your next BBQ cookout.

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Grilling the Perfect Steak with Jess Pryles

Looking for the best tips for grilling the perfect steak? Jess Pryles is sharing some of her pointers to take your steak grilling experience to the next level.

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Crawfish Boil Tips

Want to throw a crawfish boil, but sure where to start? These tips can help you learn how many pounds to buy, which crawfish boil supplies you'll need, and more!

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Crawfish Boil Prep

You can store crawfish on ice for several days without killing them as long as you replace the ice as needed – but the fresher, the better.

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Wood Chip Flavor Pairing Guide For Grills and Smokers

There’s nothing like the aroma of wood smoke, and the awesome flavors of a well-smoked meal, says Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman. And though good smoked foods take time, patience and practice

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Spinach + Artichoke Stuffed Venison Backstrap Recipe with Jess Pryles

Live fire cook and Academy partner, Jess Pryles of Hardcore Carnivore, shares her spinach and artichoke stuffed venison backstrap recipe.

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Catch Cookout: Smoked Speckled Trout with Moe Cason

Come along as BBQ pitmaster Moe Cason and salt water fishing guide Captain "Sharky" Marquez spend the morning fishing for speckled trout.

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Best Rubs and Sauces for Barbecue

Ready to step up your backyard game with PittMaster Big Moe Cason? Join Moe Cason for a walk-through on how he combines his versatile collection of rubs and sauces

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BBQ Tips: How to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Have you ever wondered how the barbecue gurus make the perfect smoked brisket? In the last segment of our barbecue series, PittMaster Big Moe Cason demonstrates the best way to smoke your brisket

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