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Up Close with Redfield Binoculars

WriterAcademy Staff
6 min read

Founded in 1909, Redfield has dedicated their brand to performance, innovation, and impeccable image quality. This commitment has allowed Redfield to become one of the leaders of high-quality optics within the sporting optics industry.

Redfield binoculars, scopes, and optics allow hunters, shooters, and sports enthusiasts to join a storied legacy of quality and performance that has endured for over a century. That’s why Redfield binos are the ideal multipurpose binoculars for use in the field or when keeping a watchful eye in the sky.

Redfield Rebel Roof Prism Binoculars

When you need to keep your eyes on the prize with certainty, Redfield Rebel Roof Prism Binoculars are always a recommended option: fully coated, nitrogen purged and sealed, and built with the strength and reliability outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from Redfield. The Rebel Roof Prism Binoculars serve up clean, crisp views in a sleek fog proof and waterproof package.

With large knurling on their center focus ring and 2 different magnification options, these waterproof binoculars help ensure smooth, reliable operation by the adventurers who like to see views through a more streamlined and easy-to-carry lens.

Redfield Renegade Porro Prism Binoculars

The Redfield Renegade Porro Prism Binoculars are also recommended for delivering superior optical performance as a preferred option for budget-conscious hunters and naturalists.

With a 10x magnification level you can get up close and personal to the target of your sights while remaining at a safe distance. These Redfield binos are nitrogen purged and sealed, like their Rebel counterpart, to provide the same fog proof and waterproof performance that you can rely on.

While these Redfield binos with their Porro Prism design boast a larger size than the Redfield Rebel’s Roof Prism lenses, the performance level and overall image clarity make these a must-have for the outdoors. Their cut checkered center focus ring provides the same smooth operation as the Redfield Rebels and their twist-up eyecups help ensure the same comfortable viewing experience by both, bespectacled and non-eyeglass wearers alike.

Redfield: A Lifetime Warranty from Academy

With more than 100 years of quality innovation and performance, Redfield binos undeniably add efficiency and reliability to your field time. Hunting, shooting, and outdoor enthusiasts alike have recognized this truth and because of that recognition, Academy backs your Redfield binoculars, scopes, and optics, with a lifetime warranty. If your Redfield binoculars or optics are damaged, defective, or malfunctioning for any reason, you can return them to your local Academy store for a replacement free of charge.

Come see what 100 years of optics excellence can do for you when you shop for Redfield exclusively in-store or online at Academy Sports + Outdoors.