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women in hunting

The rise of young women and their influence (especially through social media) in the sport of hunting is growing each day as more families use hunting to enjoy the outdoors while spending quality time with their loved ones.

What starts as a bonding experience can quickly develop into a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Co-owner and manager of BuckVentures Outdoors, Jeff Danker, took his daughter, Jaylee, deer hunting for the first time when she was 8 years old.

“I’ve always been a tomboy at heart, so when dad introduced me to hunting, it kind of came natural,” Jaylee, now a cohost of BuckVentures, said. “I honestly don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into because I’ve been obsessed with every kind of hunting since I went on my first hunt with him.”

Jaylee’s Tips for Female Hunters

When Jaylee first started hunting, she had her father, Jeff, to provide guidance and advice. However, if you’re just beginning to learn to hunt or going with someone else who doesn’t have a lot of experience, the sport of hunting can seem overwhelming.

Jaylee advises young women interested in hunting to “[not] be afraid to make mistakes. I know there’s a lot of pressure to always try to be ‘as good as the guys’ but we all, including the guys, mess up sometimes. And that’s okay."

For Jaylee, "no hunt is the same and I love that. I’m always looking for a new adventure and you can always find one when you hunt!”

Even though Jaylee is now an experienced hunter, she wants women in hunting to know that “not knowing what you’re doing is how every hunter starts out, so that’s totally normal. But you will continue to get better and grow in your knowledge the more you get out there!”

Just like every sport, excelling on the deer hunting field takes practice – and the right hunting supplies.

women in hunting

Jaylee’s Top 5 Hunting Gear Must-Haves

  • Hunting Pack – Before you buy the newest and most helpful gear, you need a place to store everything, like the Magellan Outdoors Hunting Pack. With a lined accessory pocket and a front-zippered organizer, your hunting essentials will stay neatly arranged.
  • Range Finder – Jaylee also suggests getting a laser range finder such as the Vortex Impact 1000 or the Vortex Ranger 1800. Both feature an O-ring seal to protect against the elements, while the Impact has Horizontal Component Distance technology and the Ranger provides Line of Sight mode and tripod compatibility.
  • Binoculars – Additionally, all hunters can benefit from a good pair of binoculars. Without binoculars, you won’t be able to clearly spot your game or have enough sight to prep your shot. When you can full observe your surrounding area, your gear should be versatile enough for any encounters you may have.
  • Cutting Tools – Once you determine your preferences, game type, and where you’ll be hunting, gear such as saws, axes, and machetes will benefit your hunt. Hunting safety and protection are the most important aspects of your experience and injuring your hand can negatively impact your grip.
  • GlovesCutting gloves are not only a great addition to your kitchen but for all your outdoor needs as well. And while you’re looking into protection against cuts or the elements, make sure to also browse for hunting gloves to best protect your hands.

There is a growing number of women and girls developing a passion for hunting. The sport has a large community that is cordial and willing to give advice from experienced male hunters and female hunters alike. If you’re nervous about your first hunt, rest assured that there are other deer hunters who were once in your boots. Every hunting season and each excursion to the wilderness is a new experience waiting for you to enjoy!

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